• Is Ur-Land free ?

    Yes, Ur-Land can be played without having to pay for it. However it is possible, to buy the in-game currency Plombium, with which you can buy supporting items in the In-Game Shop.

  • Why should I register ?

    You can play Ur-Land also without registration. Registration is required to be able to log in from a second device or to recover from data loss in case of re-installation.

  • Can I play in multiple worlds at the same time ?

    Yes, you can play in as many worlds as you like. Your inventory however is bound to one world, in common is just your username and the amount of Plombium on your account.

  • How can I log in to the website ?

    To log in to the website, first register in-game. Then, you can choose a username and a password, which will also work on the webpage.

  • What happens to my email address ?

    Your email address is just used internally and will not be given to third parties nor be visible somewhere.